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Update GNOME Keyring Password


Especially in enterprise environments, authentication is done not through /etc/passwd, but via SS...

Installing Spacewalk Server on RHEL/CentOS/SL 7

Linux Spacewalk

This is my method for installing Spacewalk server on RHEL7 -- this works for CentOS7 and Scientif...

Software & Configuration: Setting Up Spacewalk Channels

Linux Spacewalk

RedHat Satellite, and by extension Spacewalk, uses a system of channels to organize the software ...

Registering Spacewalk Clients

Linux Spacewalk

Now that we've set up Spacewalk server and created some software and configuration channels, we c...

Misc Tips & Tricks

Linux Spacewalk

Increase Max Configuration File Size When using Spacewalk, I discovered that the default file si...

Installation & Setup

Linux Do What?

Do What? adds the wh command to your given shell. This command attempts to save time for users na...

Installing MATLAB on Linux


Not enough space in /tmp I got this error when trying to install MATLAB on Fedora 29. This is be...

Installing Mathematica on Linux


Won't Launch - " undefined symbol" This is because Mathematica ships with some w...



Run GUI Apps As Root Okay, so this doesn't work by default for a reason. It's a bad idea to run ...

Gnome Extensions I Use

Linux Personal Config Notes

Arc-Dark Theme (not an extension, I know) AlternateTab Bing Wallpaper Changer Blyr Dash to d...



Allow Executable to Bind Ports < 1000 sudo setcap CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE=+eip /path/to/binary ...



View User Installed Packages This is suuuuper helpful for seeing what software I manually instal...



RPM Search!



Python3 Packages Out-of-the-box: python3-devel python3-magic python3-numpy python3-opencv p...

PHP Composer - Downloading Repository Times Out on Update/Install


I was having problems getting composer install to  run. It kept hanging on "Loading repositories ...

Oracle Cloud

Linux Self-Hosting

Access Instance Port from Public IP As a helpful r/oraclecloud user mentioned, Oracle cloud imag...