Installing MATLAB on Linux

Not enough space in /tmp

I got this error when trying to install MATLAB on Fedora 29. This is because, by default, Fedora limits the size of the /tmp partition. You can temporarily expand it like so (it will revert on next reboot):

mount -o remount,size=20G,noatime /tmp

Hangs on Startup/Splash Screen

This is usually due to two things: bad embedded freetype libraries, and a missing system library. Correct like so:

dnf install -y libnsl

rm -rf /usr/local/MATLAB/{version}/bin/glnxa64/*freetype*

Not Executable by This User/Matlab won't run

When MATLAB installer is run as root, this permission error can happen. It's bad form, but I did:

chown -R glmdev:glmdev /usr/local/MATLAB

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/matlab

Get Log File from Startup

matlab -desktop -logfile {filename}