Installation & Setup

Do What? adds the wh command to your given shell. This command attempts to save time for users navigating the command line by opening and displaying info about files and directories automatically based on what they are.

Do What? currently has installers only for RPM based systems, but other support is in the works.

Installation (Fedora)

Repository Setup

Do What? is available as a package in the glmdev Fedora software repository. To add this repository to your system, create the following file and add the repository information in it:


name=glmdev RPM repository

Install the Do What? package like so:

# dnf install dowhat


Do What? ties into your preferred shell using a function called wh. This is done by adding a line to your shell's config file.

Bash Family

Add the following line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile:

source <(dowhat bash)

Fish / C-shell Family

Add the following line to your ~/.config/fish/ or ~/.cshrc:

dowhat fish | .